Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Science knows how it happened... and would rather not discuss it.

I love this single frame from Today's Dresden Codak guest strip:
I'd wear it on a t-shirt. It captures a whimsical notion (their feet aren't even touching the ground!) that science is a super-fun secret.

Which it definitely is, you know, non-scientist readers. It is. We just pretend that it's lots of work and hide all the fun behind long words.

(Bonus: everyone get excited for an upcoming Dresden Codak book! I bought a broken robot poster at TCAF last weekend and it is magnificent.)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Movies based on toys

There has been a recent spate of movies based on toy franchises, which is a bit of a reversal from the historical order of commercialization.
They're here, they're huge, and they're very, very hungry.
Over at Tor they sketched up an adaptation of the upcoming Battleship movie redone as a more whimsical game.  But still completely serious in its color scheme and tone.

I'd much rather watch this movie.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas family gaming season begins!

We played a card game called "500" tonight. It's a bit like bridge, but simpler -- two sets of partners bid on how many tricks they can take. First pair to 500 points wins.

Final score: children, 630; parents, -180. Whoo! Who knows what will happen next time? Also, who knows what our next game will be!

E. holds that we should develop a cross-game scoring system to tally total Game Points earned over the course of the holiday season. Such a system could potentially scale the points accrued in a game to correspond to the length of time spent in-game. (Rank matters, not in-game points.) That way, the points accrued from winning a game of Risk would be roughly twice those from winning Settlers of Catan and the winning player/coalition in Diplomacy would likely rake in at least twice again as many points. Although many different aspects of a cross-game scoring system are potentially interesting, we have settled on a relatively simple one which encourages both lengthy and social gameplay.

In this metric, tonight's game wins 2 point-hours each for L. and E., 1 point-hour each for M. and D., and 0 point-hours for A. (who was not playing). So participation is slightly rewarded. Winning a game of 6 individual players earns a lot more points than winning a two-player game of the same length.

Current vacation Game Point tally:
D. 1
M. 1
L. 2
E. 2
A. 0
[everyone else] 0

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grilled piglet van

I saw this van whilst walking in Brno and took a picture, sure that its text could only enhance the illustrations: a chef at a barbecue, a pig, and a stein of beer.
I was right. According to Google, the van advertises "piglets grilled to order," a "year-round garden," and that the Grilled Piglet Van does "celebrations and banquets." How excellent! I wonder if grilled piglets taste different than grilled pigs...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

How does a blender work?

"How does a blender work?" is the thinly-constructed "motivation" for another lovely application of high-speed video cameras. If we ask a question, then setting things on fire is science!